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From identity and branding, to infographics, to multimedia and video—we know what it takes to get your brand to stand out in a noisy world.

We ensure that your story resonates in the right way, using the right tone with the right audience. Our creative services are research-based and strategically driven.

Web Design & Website Development

“My website is cool, but is it getting me customers?”

Your website is your greatest marketing asset. If you’re here, you’re thinking about investing in your website, at E-Marketing Clusters we feel it’s our obligation to help you maximize that investment.

It’s no longer enough to simply have a beautiful website—online marketing is more competitive than ever. Your website will need to be able to handle the rigors of online marketing. This means Call-to-Action Strategy, Conversion Rate Optimization, Blog & Content Strategy, integrated Social Media, Analytics & Tracking and a top CMS are just the start of your new web development checklist. We’ll help you make sure your website isn’t missing anything.

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  • Web Design
  • Website Development
  • eCommerce
  • Responsive Design
  • Application Development
  • User Experience & User Interface
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Website Strategy
  • WordPress, Drupal, Joomla

E-Commerce / Web site Development

Sell products and collect payment on the web with an E-commerce website. E-Marketing Cluster’s custom E-commerce web solutions come in all sizes.

E-Marketing Cluster’s web developers can build e-commerce capability into your current website or start from scratch. We’ll work with you to choose the perfect ecommerce website platform. We’ll make sure it’s secure, easy to use and SEO friendly.

We develop responsive e-commerce websites. They can be used and viewed on mobile devices and tablets.

You’ll be selling products and getting paid online in no time.

  • Customized E-Commerce Solutions
  • Robust Content Management
  • E-Commerce Conversion Strategy

Responsive Web Design

Desktop. Mobile. Tablet... Responsive Web Design

Google estimates that 65% of users won’t return to a site if it has poor mobile accessibility.

Don’t miss out on that 65 percent!

A responsive web design is a single website that can expand or contract to fit the size of the screen it’s viewed on: desktop, notebook, smartphone, tablet etc. If you want your website design to be accessible to the largest possible number of users, it should be a responsive web design. We develop responsive sites that work on all operating systems: iOS, Android and others. Users will be able to view your responsive site on iPads, iPhones, Androids, and any other smartphone or tablet.

These days responsive web design is a must, Google is rewarding responsive web design. It’s a check box in the google algorithm and if your competitor has it and you don’t, all the best SEO tactics in the world won’t matter. Google will reward the responsive site all day.

  • Look great on all devices: iOS, Android and more
  • Future-proof your web site
  • Engage users on the go
  • Impress the Search Engines
  • Dynamic adjustments
  • Have the coolest website around
  • Responsive web design for e-commerce

Mobile Application Development

80% of mobile users will make purchases on a smartphone or tablet this year.

How about to start developing a Mobile Application ?

If you want your business to get in on the mobile web revolution, mobile application development might be a perfect solution for you. Your users will get a customized experience on their iPhone, iPad, Droid or other mobile device.

We do mobile application development for iOS, Android, Windows and more. Don’t miss out on the incredible potential of the mobile revolution–get started today.

User Experience Analysis & Interface Design

How visitors use your site ?

User experience analysis is the process of measuring the interaction between a user and a user interface, often a website, an application or a design. At E-Marketing Clusters we use measurement tools like A/B testing, heat mapping and marketing research to analyze user experience (Often referred to as UX).

When we improve the user interface of a website, application or email in order to maximize user engagement, this is called user interface design or UI design. Analyzing user experience leads to design changes that can engage visitors to increase session duration, pages per session, page stay and ultimately online lead generation and lead conversion.

Thanks to the power of A / B testing, heat mapping, and other analytical toolswe can measure how a user interacts with a website. We can tell which elements make users spend more time on the page, “page stay”, and which ones are causing them to leave, “Bouncing” and “Exiting”. A / B testing is an application available to most web and email services which provides a controlled environment to test differentiations, like a button color or button text (like “submit here” or “click here”) amongst 50% of your visitors or readers.

Heat mapping is another user experience measurement application that shows where a visitor’s eye is going on your site by tracking the mouse location (This is based on a known connection between ones movement of the mouse based on where the eye is viewing). These types of user experience analysis and measurement tools, as well as others, are stunningly informative and more importantly, highly actionable.

The analysis of the user often leads us to changes in the design or user interface. This can help you steer website visitors to do what you want, whether that’s getting them to fill out a form, download information, call you for a consultation or buy a product. This is what we call in the business conversion rate optimization or CRO.

  • Mobile application development
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Custom Analysis and Reporting
  • A / B Testing
  • Heat Mapping
  • 3D Design / 3D Animation
  • Soundscapes Development
  • Graphic Design.

Copywriting Services

Effective messaging “Branding speaking & SEO speaking”

Copywriting is a vital component for your online communication, it transfers your Brand's sense and ensure your brand consistency.

Copywriting reflects all the reasons why people love your Brand and trust you.

Furthermore we research the SEO keywords your business should be found for and incorporate those words and phrases throughout your copy. We analyze your competitors and your current copy to see which pages and what copy is working (known as conversion assists)

  • Website copy
  • Ebooks
  • Press releases
  • White Papers
  • Video Scripts
  • Blog Posts
  • Newsletters
  • Email Marketing
  • Sell sheets and sales collateral

Graphic Design & 3D Animation

Graphic Design online & Offline

Recent research indicates that no rational decisions are made without the participation of emotional processes, which seems to indicate that we need to have both verbal and non-verbal aspects in our communication for it to work optimally.

At E-Marketing Clusters we know that the best way to boost your Brand, is by means of a holistic approach to brand communication and by using multisensory communication based on Neuromarketing research.

We use the most sophisticated knowledge to make simple amazing designs for :

  • Logos
  • Business Cards
  • Infographics
  • Twitter Backgrounds
  • Facebook Cover Photos
  • PowerPoint Slides
  • Email Templates
  • Newsletters
  • PDF
  • & more

Photos & Infographics

Video & Podcast Production Services

Having video on your website has been shown to increase conversion rates and overall visitor engagement.

Video is an essential part of any inbound and content marketing strategy. At E-Marketing Clusters, our video production team makes “talking heads” style videos featuring interviews, FAQs etc., and can include slides and images, as well as step-by-step tutorials made with screen capture. We also produce more advanced videos including voiceovers, original music, sound logos, action footage and more, coupled with full integration into an overall campaign.

E-Marketing Clusters has experience creating 3D animation and 2D animation as well as 3D & 2D logo animation

Presentations (Powerpoint / Keynote)

The Art of Impressing

Recent research indicates that no rational decisions are made without the participation of emotional processes, which seems to indicate that we need to have both verbal and non-verbal aspects in our communication for it to work optimally.

It's not only about words, it's also sound, colors, shapes, texture.

At E-Marketing Clusters we can help you make a great impression with your clients, and even help you get discovered by new clients.

Webinar Production Services, eBooks & Audio Books

How can you speak in person to many potential customers at once ?

A webinar is an online presentation of educational materials (derived from the words “web” and “seminar”) and can be a strong lead generation tool for businesses.